Beit Shemesh Rally in Israel Against Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Extremism.

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Israeli President Shimon Peres has joined others urging Israelis to take part in a rally protesting ultra-Orthodox Jewish extremism following persecution of a women by ultra-Orthodox Jewish men.

The rally is being held against ultra-Orthodox extremism in the wake of attacks against eight-year old Na’ama Margolese. Attendance will exceed 10,000 people and further it will take place in the city of Beit Shemesh near Jerusalem. Haredi, or ultra-Orthodox Jews, threw stones at television cameras present in the area following reports of the allegations of 8-year old American Na’ama Margolese who alleges she was afraid to walk alone to school due to the abuse leveled at her by the Haredi men present along her school route. This allegation comes while social tensions between ultra-Orthodox and secular elements are at an all time high. Calls from more liberal Jews to disavow the Orthodox push for segregating the sexes in public places has increased tensions with the Haredi who are at the center of the current story. Israeli President Shimon Peres unequivocally supports the aims of the protesters and calls it the duty of every Israeli to protect democracy from the few who would undermine it and its principles. Conversely, Haredi members claim that their push for socially segregating the sexes in public places has become overblown and that they too are the victims of violence and persecution in society.


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