Los Angeles Area MMA Fighters Gently Disarm a Hotel Robber.

Brent Alvarez, 33, and Billy Denney, 28, two MMA fighters in the Los Angeles area for a matchup, disarmed a would be robber at the hotel into which they were checking in, gently subduing the desperate man before cops could arrive. Alvarez and Denney are from Eugene, Oregon originally and Brent Alvarez is Billy Denney’s instructor in MMA. Alvarez commented that the man did not appear to want to hurt them and seemed to be a man who had run out of options. Of course, Alvarez’s MMA background as well as his prior stints as a bodyguard helped him in defusing the potentially violent situation. Thankfully, the would-be robber was more of a sad character than violent criminal and Alvarez and Denney avoided getting shot during the scuffle.


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