Central Huijin Investment (中央汇金投资有限责任公司) invests in China’s Four Largest Banks.

Central Huijin Investment (中央汇金投资有限责任公司: ZhōngYāng HuìJīn TóuZī YǒuXiàn ZéRèn Gōng Sī), a branch of China’s $400 billion sovereign wealth fund, raised its stakes in China’s four largest banks, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd. (中国工商银行: Zhōngguó Gōngshāng Yínháng), China Construction Bank Corp. (中国建设银行: Zhōngguó Jiànshè Yínháng), Agricultural Bank of China Ltd. (中国农业银行股份有限公司: Zhōngguó Nóngyè Yínháng) and Bank of China Ltd. (中国银行: Zhōngguó Yínháng). This move is seen by many as a reassurance on the part of the Chinese government that it is being proactive in shoring up the stock market which had hit its lowest levels in two years according to Bloomberg. Concern centers around the likely higher than reported levels of nonperforming loans and the indebtedness levels of Chinese municipal governments to these banks. The investment by Central Huijin Investment is part of a strategy to shore up confidence and capital for the four major banks as they are such integral parts of the overall Chinese economic strategy aimed at securing sustainable growth.


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