Deranged man Satoshi Shimano douses patrons of Shibuya’s Chelsea Hotel with gasoline, threatens to burn them all.

Shibuya’s Chelsea Hotel underwent a terrifying experience when deranged and psychotic 23 year old Japanese man Satoshi Shimano entered the venue and began spraying patrons with gasoline in an effort to set them all ablaze. Some thought this was tear gas, and, aside from sore throats being scared to death, everyone was unharmed. Staff at the Chelsea Hotel were able to disarm and subdue Shimano before he could unleash his plan. Good thing too. This is the same Satoshi Shimano who assaulted a four year old with a hammer several years ago, claiming that he just ‘wanted to kill someone.’ Terrifying. According to Asahi Shimbun, Satoshi Shimano was arrested on charges of attempted murder. The venue, Shibuya’s Chelsea Hotel, takes its name from the famous New York location of the same name but is a music venue rather than a hotel. The musical event was sponsored by Nico Nico Douga, Japan’s equivalent of YouTube where people post self-made videos. In a development that evidences the times, the event was twittered and captured on cellphones with video and pictures hitting the web showing the action in media res. Japan’s amazingly safe but their rehabilitation system for felons seems to be desperately lacking if this individual was able to be let out into society only to attempt to kill people yet again. At the time of the attack on the four year old, Satoshi was a minor at 17 years of age; however, now that he is no longer a minor perhaps the appropriate punishment and rehabilitation can be employed.