British rioters locked away, once tough now cry all day.

Oh, would be anarchists and revolutionaries, aka the children who caused the London riots and the other riots which gripped England for a while, are now locked away in jail and are finding life there to be quite difficult. Of course, prisons around the world have their own justice system, and English juvenile detention facilities are no different. Young rioters find themselves being assaulted by other criminals and are being stuffed into tiny jail cells because there are so many of them. I applaud Britain for pursuing the rule of law, because I don’t think any positive change came out of the London Riots. David Cameron wants to ban social networks, wow thanks big brother, and the left is probably decrying the economy and lack of job opportunities in present-day England, which is a valid complaint. But at what point does one’s difficulties with anything in life allow for wanton destruction of property and disruption of life? Normal people became rioters, true, but normal people were also ‘victimized’ by the rioters so shouldn’t some sort of punishment be meted out to the rioters? Of course it should. It definitely was too major an event to just simply let slide. Typical to their species, one of the rioters lawyers said of the conditions within the prison: “I asked my client what he did all day and he told that they are almost always in lock-up. There seems to be no education or training. We’re creating criminals of the future.” I’m sorry, did I misread that? They’re already criminals, willing and able to cause wanton destruction for nothing more than the lulz. I enjoy a good laugh every now and then, but that stuff was egregious. It achieved nothing. How about instead of fighting for a lack of a ‘well paying job’ or what have you, we actually use the damn internet to mobilize ourselves for a common good. If life is hard you live in a democracy, change it, but don’t blow your capital on an orgy of meaningless and fruitless destruction. Then again, this are just children, and I’m sure they are scared. Interesting though is the inmates who did not participate in the riots, beating the rioters. What kind of commentary is that?