Oh, Rebecca Carroll, your birth-mother is a monster and this article is gross.

Rebecca Carroll, woefully misguided author of this article, writes about the exotic factor when white fathers adopt daughters of another race, and how ‘white’ men supposedly cannot resist sexualizing the relationship. It is five kinds of disturbing. Mind you, she never recounts sexual abuse at the hands of her adopted ‘white’ father. No, rather she relays the prattling of her mother, a woman who had given her away for adoption. Let me tell you one thing, Rebecca Carroll, I may not be adopted but the last thing I’m going to do is put any stock in something a loser like your biological mother tells you. You smeared your father’s adoption of you and unnecessarily sexualized it for what purpose? You impugned couples who adopt outside of their race with generalizations and unfounded statements from what sounds like a petty, vindictive woman. If I were your adopted father, not only would I be hurt that you even wrote this kind of crap but further I would be enraged that you thought your loser mother had anything to contribute of meaning to your understanding of being adopted. Let me break it for you: your mother didn’t want you. Your mother couldn’t organize her life around having a child so she gave you away. Sounds tough, right? Welcome to reality. Don’t impugn your adopted father based on the ramblings of a loser. My mother was faced with similar choices once, and she made the opposite decision so it can be done. You should be ashamed for even relaying this half-witted article.