London Riots: Compromise in response between the Right-Left governing coalition

What some have called a tough law-and-order approach by Prime Minister David Cameron in response to the recent riots in London and other English cities, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has proposed a middle-ground in which the causes of the riots are addressed as well as providing an outlet for those communities affected by the riots to pursue ‘justice’ against wanton acts of destruction and violence. Indeed, with examples such as this harrowing tale reported by John F. Burns and Alan Cowell, “The police charged a 16-year-old boy with murder over the death of a 68-year-old retiree who was attacked during the turmoil. The boy’s 31-year-old mother, arrested at the same crime scene, was charged with seeking to pervert justice, according to state prosecutors. Under British judicial rules, the boy’s identity was kept secret,”  one can immediately see why any politician determined to keep his job must appear to be not only tough on crime but vigilant against its recurrence. The riots in London were not only disaffected chavs and hoodies but also truly violent people who only needed an outlet for their antisocial tendencies. Poverty, poor education or lack of opportunities and even drugs may be at play, but one has to question the extent to which the law-abiding segment of the population has to be victimized or tolerant of such things in society. It’s always interesting to see what behaviors emerge in crisis and how these are reconciled afterward.

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