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FBI Director James Comey Wanted to Reveal Russian Wiretapping of 2016 Election

[ad name=”DMGG In-Content Responsive Ad”] FBI Director wanted to talk about Russian attempts to influence election last summer, Obama said no? The following according to Newsweek: James Comey wanted to reveal information about Russian attempts to influence the 2016 US Presidential election last summer but the Obama administration wanted a “more coordinated effort” between agencies […]

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The Potential Impact of African American Millenials on US Presidential Politics in 2016

Black Lives Matter and other movements are shaping the dialogue about race relations and economic equality in the United States Presidential primary races How Black Millennials Could Impact the 2016 Election from The Wall Street Journal // More News/Headlines on DEMAGAGA More Top News Articles on DEMAGAGA // More Top News Stories on DEMAGAGA // […]

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