Pope Francis


News Headlines October 22, 2013: Pollution Shuts Down Harbin in PRC, Pope Francis Calls Out Fanatics, Brunei Legalizes Stoning

Air Pollution Shuts Down the City of Harbin in the People’s Republic of China Amnesty International Wants to Prosecute CIA Leaders of Secret Drone Program Mexico Bans Genetically Modified Corn Pope Francis Declares Religious Fanatics Deranged Nobel Peace Prize Lech Walesa Calls for Secular 10 Commandments Israel Says Marijuana Legalization Will Boost Revenues Japan Threatens […]

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News Headlines May 22, 2013

Measles Epidemic Irish Potato Famine Pathogen Identified Ex-Ford Executives Charged in Argentine Torture Cases Pope Francis Proclaims Atheists Redeemed in Interview Saudi Arabia Executes 6, 5 of Whom Were Crucified Crazed Muslim Men Behead British Soldier in Woolwich, England FBI Shoots, Kills Suspect During Questioning Concerning Boston Bombing Historic Number of Public Schools Closed in […]

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