International Relations

Military Technology Transfer: Poland Sells Drones to Ukraine

In a speech in Kiev at the 11th Arms and Security Exhibition, Ukrainian Chairman of Parliament Oleksandr Turchynov announced the purchase of drone weaponry from Poland to help assist the Ukrainian military in stabilizing the situation in eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk advised the United Nations General Assembly against dropping sanctions on Russia even though a ceasefire agreement and the creation of a […]

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News Headlines March 11, 2014: Troops Amass in Russia and Ukraine, Saudi Arabia Wants Al Jazeera Closed, UN Warns of Food Shortages by 2050

Troops Amass Along Ukraine-Russia Border Saudi Arabi Threatens to Blockade Qatar Unless Al-Jazeera Is Closed Atheists in Iraq Fight for Religious Rights Air Malaysia May Have Veered Off Course for an Hour Before Disintegrating, According to Malaysian Officials Japan Seeks to Dump Nuclear Waste Water from Fukushima Russia’s Elite Likely to Escape Sanctions Stemming from […]

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A beautiful display of lanterns in Poland.

Check out DemagagaTV for the best in videos, tv, movies and more: 1000s of lamps released into the sky in Poland..

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