Finest Luxury SUV Ever Conceived: The All New 2015 Cadillac Escalade

Wow. The recently revealed, all-new future Cadillac Escalade embodies the “Art and Science” design theme General Motors has touted for years and, if looks could kill, this SUV has already left every other luxury SUV dead in the water in terms of looks. Given the Escalade’s ‘halo car’ status for the Cadillac brand, expect GM […]

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Lego Artist Mike Doyle’s Castle Odan K’al Yne is Amazing

Mike Doyle is the creator of one of the most impressive lego sculptures ever photographed in our opinion. Check out the pictures below and then shoot on over to his site to support his artwork.

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FDNY Releases Hurricane Sandy Flickr Album: Photos Document the Storm’s Aftermath in New York City

FDNY has released a Flickr album of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in NYC. Definitely worth checking out. If you haven’t had a chance, be sure to view the video released earlier by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority documenting the extent of the flooding at South Ferry and Whitehall Street Station.   [FDNY Official Flickr Account]

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