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The Turkmenbashi Cult of Personality in Turkmenistan

With a personality cult to rival that of Kim Jong-un’s in North Korea, Turkmenistan’s Turkmenbashi has built a comprehensive system of secular adulation centered on his life and his teachings as embodied in his various proclamations, speeches, and writings, most famous among which is the Ruhnama. Having elevated himself to the position of secular god […]

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North Korea News Today

Is North Korea’s State Ideology, Juche(주체), a Religion?

According to, which tracks membership numbers among the world’s various religions, the 10th largest religious group in the world is the entire state of North Korea itself – namely, the Juche (주체) ideology coined by Eternal President Kim Il-sung and propagated through the DPRK’s propaganda machine. The Juche movement is much more overtly religious […]

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