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Play Qaddafi off the stage keyboard cat! Qaddafi’s Condoleeza fetish fap book flap.

According to sources, Qaddafi kept a book filled with close-up pictures of former Bush administration Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. He ‘loved’ how she would boss those Arab leaders around. I guess Qaddafi hasn’t seen Curb Your Enthusiasm or he would know one has to have a confidant to dispose of one’s Condoleeza Fapbook whilst […]

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Restaurant GM kicks out girl for tweeting that the bartender was a ‘twerp.’

GTFO. No, seriously, this is the most bizarre thing I have read in a while. Restaurant patron kicked out after tweeting insult about bartender? How in the world did the GM of the restaurant find out about this in time? It just shows the increasingly interconnected world we live in and how we all need […]

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