After “Undisclosed Sources” Reveal Russian Hacking of 2016 US Presidential Election, More Lawmakers Demand Investigation

Calls for investigations into election hacking continues as more “undisclosed sources” come forward Calls Grow For Probe Into Russia Election Meddling | MSNBC US Senator Lindsey Graham and other US lawmakers have proposed creating a 9/11-style panel to investigate the allegations by “undisclosed” CIA sources that intelligence forces from the Russian Federation under the direction […]

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Science & Technology

Do dolphins have superpowers?

According to Pravda dolphins (or cetaceans is another term they use in the article but that may be a mistranslation?) have both a quick healing ability as well as the ability to sense electrical fields. For example, after being bitten by a shark, a chemical stored in a dolphin’s fat can heal it more quickly […]

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