What If the Texas Republic Survived?

What if Texas had remained independent of the United States? Alt History Hub Explores What if Texas Remained Independent? from Alt History Hub

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International Relations

Scotland Rejects Independence, the Act of Union Survives

Scottish voters have rejected independence by a margin of 55% to 45% according to the BBC. The Act of Union binding England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, forming the United Kingdom, remains unchanged. A day of celebration for unionists, and a day of defeat and reflection for the independence movement. The Queen is expected to […]

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North Korea News Today

Headline News May 13, 2014: South Korea Ups Rhetoric with North, France Sells Russia Ships, Donetsk Declares Independence

South Korean Defense Ministry Says North Korea Exists Solely for Kim Jong-un and Must Disappear Wreck of Spanish Explorer Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria Discovered France to Sell Russia Warships 2/3 of India’s Electorate Vote in World’s Largest Democracy World Health Organization: Alcohol Cause of 1 in 20 Deaths Canada Orders Extradition of ‘Honor Killing’ Murder […]

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News Headlines May 18, 2013

North Korea Launches Three Short-Range Missiles Somaliland Marks 22 Years of Independence Meteor Smashes Into Earth’s Moon Greece’s Golden Dawn Makes Genocidal Anti-Muslim Statements Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad Will Not Step Down, Grants Rare Television Interview Russia Deploys 12 Warships to Syria Pakistan Female Politician Zahra Shahid Hussain Assassinated in Karachi Lebanese Man Murders Sister […]

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Catalonian Parliament Declares Independence from Spain

The parliament of the¬†Spanish state of Catalonia voted to declare its independence from Spain in a largely symbolic gesture that initiates the process of bringing a referendum on the matter of Catalonian independence in the near future.   The measure passed the Catalonian parliament overwhelmingly, 85-41 with two abstentions. Spain will use its sovereign powers […]

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