FFXV: A New Empire Uses an Old Formula

Free-to-Play app using Square-Enix’s blockbuster Final Fantasy XV as a top coat just doesn’t do it for me

Some Final Fantasy apps are totally worth the time and a little bit of money – Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius come to mind – but I can’t recommend Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire unless you’re willing to spend real money or not have fun at all. It’s your choice. The time element is too powerful in this game, requiring you to spend money to speed up the process to compete with the other whales sharing the game space with you.

Not that that alone is bad if the game is compelling, but it isn’t. The app uses FFXV as a veneer but otherwise is similar to Clash of Clans and other smartphone strategy games. A certain type of gamer will love this app and, as a dedicated Final Fantasy fan, I will probably invest more time into it than I will ever want to admit. But for most people it is pass.

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The game has beautiful music and passable graphics. It captures the atmosphere of Final Fantasy in some places but the gameplay just isn’t there. Again, definitely worth a try for gamers willing to spend the money to not have to spend the time. A lot of potential, for sure, and maybe over time with some updates the game will be worth your time.

The ties to FFXV are really tangential so if that entry alone brings you to download the app, depending on your level of love for FFXV, you might either be sorely disappointed or happy.

The best thing about these apps is that they improve with time and FFXV: A New Empire is one of those for sure. It has the powerful Final Fantasy name behind it and with Square Enix’s new focus on mobile content things can only go up from here.

Get in on the ground floor if you wanna start the time sink before things get easy.

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