United States Military Launches Airstrikes on ISIS-Held Iraqi City of Mosul

ISIS hold on Iraqi city of Mosul tenuous following coalition airstrikes

BuzzFeed News Investigates The Fight Against ISIS from BuzzFeed Blue

United States Central Command announced “precision strikes” were launched against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), targeting buildings from which ISIS fighters had initiated attacks against Iraqi forces. The US military targeted a hospital held by ISIS with CentCom (US Central Command) identifying the complex as the al-Salem hospital. The coalition did not detail whether or not civilians were present in the al-Salem hospital complex nor did it reveal any information about noncombatants killed or wounded according to The Guardian. The battle to regain control of the ISIS-held Iraqi city of Mosul has raged for weeks which is both Iraq’s second largest city and the last major foothold ISIS has in the country. Airstrikes from coalition military forces have severely strained ISIS supply lines as well as put pressure on its command to engage into desperation tactics such as suicide bombings. US, Russian, and Saudi Arabian military forces are criticized for their attacks on hospitals in Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen, with human rights groups like the International Committee of the Red Cross stating that such attacks undermine the concept of sanctuaries in times of war.

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