Russian Duma member believes that the latest FIFA release from Electronic Arts is gay propaganda from the West

FIFA 17 – The Journey – Official Trailer via EA Sports FIFA

Because publisher Electronic Arts (EA) backed an anti-homophobia campaign in the United Kingdom earlier this year, Russian MPs led by Communist MPs asked the state’s communications oversight committee to make sure that FIFA 17 does not violate the nation’s anti-gay propaganda law. Izvestia reports that the main concern of the Russian MPs in their leader to the communications oversight committee is the option that players are given to support the Rainbow Laces campaign, a pro-LGBT rights campaign in the English Premier League. The mere option of expressing support for LGBT soccer players, however, violates some kind of vague law mainly used to quash discussion about whether people do or do not have universal rights but proferred in the guise of anti-LGBT language.

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The Rainbow Laces campaign was begun by the United Kingdom LGBT rights group Stonewall to combat homophobia within the sport. United Russia MP Irina Rodnina, a former figure skater who won three Olympic gold medals for the USSR, said the committee needed to “verify the possibility of distributing this game on the territory of the Russian Federation”. Communist MPs introduced legislation in 2015 to fine or jail anyone who comes out or speaks of their homosexuality in public.

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