The Current State of Korean MMO ArcheAge

Should you play this sandbox Korean MMO? A few thoughts

ArcheAge Secrets of Ayanad Official Launch Trailer from ArcheAge

ArcheAge is an MMORPG published by the experienced Trion Worlds, makers of Rift and Trove and the game was originally released for American and European players in 2014. Like most MMO’s, ArcheAge receives regular updates from Trion to expand upon its core game. Hailed for its seemingly limitless options, ArcheAge promised something different from traditional MMORPGs like Blizzard‘s World of Warcraft or Square Enix‘s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Players have a huge impact on the world of ArcheAge, a world that features a dynamic economy that’s directed by the invisible hand of the market aka players. Typical to MMO‘s, there are a range of professions for players to take up and these professions earn players in-game money and offer diverse skillsets to master. At ArcheAge‘s release, there was a wealth of content available for gamers to enjoy but the game quickly gained a negative reputation for having a toxic community with very weak community moderation to deal with it. A negative for sure, but not unknown to many big title releases – from Call of Duty to World of Warcraft, every game featuring millions of players will, inevitably, have problems. ArcheAge is not quite on the scale of those games, but nonetheless features a large playerbase featuring all that entails.

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ArcheAge in 2016

The developers have started to make a real effort with the reputation and community of the game; forum and in-game moderation has been improved to provide better guidance for players while also strengthening the punishments for those who violate the rules.

Gamers also have various tournaments to compete in this year with several PvP team battles; the most anticipated competition is The High Tournament of Erenor which will be taking place later this year.


ArcheAge is a solid MMORPG with a unique class system that allows for players to create over 100 potential combinations to define and modify their gameplay; in addition to this, players also have a Judicial and Crime System to use a jury and judge to deal with in-game criminal players. This means that criminals can be sentenced to working in a prison for a set time or they can attempt to escape without the use of abilities.

As to be expected from a sandbox game of this genre, players can construct their own house in specific areas found all over the world. Unlike other games however, owning a house means paying taxes or the house will be destroyed.


There are still a few weak points in the game: players who spend money do have some advantages over free-to-play players.

Like with other MMORPGs, the game is filled with grinding and what some call a weak combat system can make this game feel much more repetitive than some other MMO’s.


We think you should give ArcheAge a shot. It’s a solid MMORPG and offers interesting, new concepts in what many naysayers claim is a tired genre. We know it isn’t, and ArcheAge helps push the frontiers of MMORPG’s forward.

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