Rumor: Final Fantasy XV Delayed Until November 29, 2016

Final Fantasy 15 delayed 2 months according to GameStop marketing materials

Final Fantasy XV – Kingsglaive – Release the Demon | official FIRST LOOK clip (2016) Diamond Weapon from Movie Maniacs DE

The latest rumor surrounding the oft-delayed, much anticipated next entry in the legendary Final Fantasy series is that the groundbreaking new title, Final Fantasy XV, will be further delayed, releasing to retail stores on November 29, 2016 instead of the previously announced September 2016 release date.

This rumor comes from an IGN report that details Square Enix approaching video game retail chain Gamestop about changing the release date to November 29.

Kotaku reportedly has marketing material that instructs GameStop employees to advertise the November 29 launch date now instead of the September date.

It is believed that Square Enix will use the extra time to polish up the game’s mechanics. Additionally, as reported on this website, Square is working on a large number of downloadable content (dlc) packages for the game, each focusing on a different character in the game as well as a holiday themed package.

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