The long-awaited Final Fantasy XV’s DLC (downloadable content) schedule released

In an article published on Gematsu, Square Enix revealed that the DLC for their upcoming release, Final Fantasy XV, will consist entirely of new content and not cutting-room floor scraps, all of which will begin development following FFXV’s anticipated release in September 2016.

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A season pass is confirmed and will include six DLC, as revealed on the Japanese Final Fantasy XV website; these details have not yet been published on the English website which means that these translated descriptions of each DLC may not be entirely correct.

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Here is the full DLC list for Final Fantasy XV which was revealed by Gematsu:

1) Booster Pack
Freely obtain powerful weapons that will give you an edge and make battles more exciting.
2) Episode Gladiolus
A completely original episode focused on Noctis’ companion Gladiolus. In this episode, you can control Gladiolus as a playable character.
3) Holiday Pack
Freely obtain a wonderful item pack that will make the game even flashier.
4) Episode Ignis
A completely original episode focused on Noctis’ companion Ignis. In this episode, you can control Ignis as a playable character.
5) Episode Prompto
A completely original episode focused on Noctis’ companion Prompto. In this episode, you can control Prompto as a playable character.
6) Online Expansion Pack
An expansion pack that lets you play a completely new Final Fantasy XV.

These names and descriptions are subject to change as it’s still early stages of their development; these descriptions were also translated from the Japanese website so the wording may be wrong.

Square Enix may have hinted at the exact timing of the first DLC release for the game, while the third DLC to be released will be the Holiday Pack for the Christmas 2016 season. If this is correct then players should expect to see one DLC per month.

No details about the final Online Expansion Pack DLC have been released and some Japanese retailers also refer to it as just “Expansion Pack”.

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled for a September 30th release date however, some rumors suggest that the game may actually be delayed until November 30th. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users will be able to purchase the game when it’s released, there has been no mention of a PC release for the game yet.

UPDATE: According to Gamenesia, Final Fantasy XV’s release is delayed until November 30, 2016

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