10 songs for your mix

  1. 티아라 T-ara – Sugar Free (BigRoom Ver.)
  2. Urban Cone – Urban Photograph
  3. Say Lou Lou – Everything We Touch Music Video
  4. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off Music Video
  5. Ace Of Base – Don’t Ever Say Goodbye

The Vamps, Invader Girl and Kitty Brucknell mix old school pop hooks and new school electronic wizardry in their respective tracks. Our new favorites, The Paper Kites‘ “Young” is an awesome video and song. Finishing the chart is Anastacia‘s “Staring at the Sun.”

  1. The Vamps – Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) ft. Shawn Mendes Music Video
  2. Invader Girl – Starting Fires
  3. Kitty Brucknell – Glitter in the Sky
  4. The Paper Kites – Young Music Video
  5. Anastacia – Staring at the Sun

We can’t enough good things about Say Lou Lou (;) so we’ll let their music speak for itself. The Paper Kites, The Vamps, and Urban Cone are three groups that you should really start paying attention to if you are a real fan of good pop music.