Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 2: ‘Home’ Review and Synopsis

Reminder: Spoilers follow so read ahead at your own risk.

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So a lot of stuff that we all wanted to happen happened in tonight’s episode. Without further delay let’s outline exactly what happened and where.

Bran is being trained by the three-eyed raven and has a vision of his aunt Lyanna, around whom much of the past action revolves (tying together Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens, and probably some people I’ve forgotten). He also notices that (big reveal) Hodor was named Willis and could speak like a normal person. Obviously this implies that Hodor has experienced some kind of trauma to cause his Hodor state. A child of the forest helps shore up Bran’s support, while his discussion with the  three-eyed raven sheds some light on Bran’s vision of the past.

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At the Wall, the wildlings help Davos overthrow Ser Alliser and secure Jon Snow’s revenge. This happens quite quickly and with minimal bloodshed as the giant busting down the front gate is more than enough reason to give all the Night’s Watch brothers pause except for one unfortunate man who was smashed into a wall because he loosed a crossbow bolt on the giant.

Arya learns how to be a helpless blind beggar that regularly gets beat by a strange girl with short hair. Eventually Jaqhen has had enough of this training and he comes along to take Arya back for other training.

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In King’s Landing, Cersei is barred from Myrcella’s funeral by her son King Tommen for safety reasons. Even though she has Ser Robert Strong as her wight bodyguard, the king still doesn’t feel comfortable letting Cersei out (especially since he can’t even seem to secure the release of his own wife).

Speaking of which, at the funeral for Princess Myrcella, Jaime and Tommen discuss this very point. After dismissing Tommen, Jaime threatens the High Sparrow but is cut short by the appearance of a bunch of the High Sparrow’s zealots wielding clubs and maces. The chances that this incident won’t result in direct conflict between the royal government and the faith of the seven are nonexistent. It should be interesting to see what happens next and, if previews are to be believed, it’s almost certain there will be blood.

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Speaking of blood, back in the North at Winterfell, Ramsay Bolton secures his psychopath card with the murder of his father Roose upon the announcement of his stepmother Walda giving birth to a baby boy. Ramsay is backed up by a Karstark heir and says he doesn’t need the whole North, only some of the North. He orders his Maester to bring Walda and the baby to him immediately. He then leads her into the kennel and feeds her and the baby to his dogs. If you thought Joffrey was awful, Ramsay Bolton is trying to win the crown. Why anyone would follow such a madman is beyond reason but he seems to have his support. Perfect time for the North to tear itself apart in preparation for the great sweep that will occur when the ice lord and his zombies come over the Wall. It’s ridiculous.

Theon, Sansa, Brienne, and Pod remain out in the forest on the way to the Wall to see Jon Snow, of whose death they are not aware. Theon has a moment of regret and contrition with Sansa that attempts to absolve him of his sins with regards to the Stark family and other innocent victims of his rash actions. He expresses that he wants to go home.

Back at Theon’s home, Yarra complains to her father the king of the Iron Islands that they have lost all of their footholds on the mainland. She questions why these men were sacrificed for nothing. He orders her to obey him without question, or he will father a son more compliant to his will. In the first two episodes we have witnessed enough family strife that the overwhelming message that society is collapsing (at least at the upper level, which trickles down to the bottom, a la “the only people that matter are the nobility” theory of fantasy). So I’m waiting for Yarra to kill her dad. Guess what? She doesn’t! Instead, his brother shows up out of nowhere and tosses him off of the perilous rope bridge that connects the castle keep to the king’s tower (such a marvel of design). Yarra is then told at her father’s funeral that she will have to prove herself at the King’s Moot. Also, she would be the first female King (Queen) of the Iron Islands. Should be interesting to watch this play out. Also note: her uncle is insane.

Back at the Wall, Ser Davos has convinced Melisandre to try to resurrect Jon Snow using the Lord of the Light. If you will recall, Melisandre has seen this done before by Thoros of Myr but has not done it herself. After a pep talk from Ser Davos, Melisandre gives it her best shot and fails. Jon Snows is dead as a plank.

The cast leaves the corpse of Jon Snow behind with only his direwolf Snow by his side. Then he wakes up and we all realize that everything Melisandre has said is true, the Lord of Light is real, and Jon Snow isn’t dead afterall.

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Is Jon Snow alive? Looks like it.