Konstantin Zandelin and Sup3s remix The Chainsmokers “Roses,” delivering a track that is as transformed in its remix as it is compelling upon first listen in its original

The Chainsmokers – Roses (ft. Rozes) (Konstantin Zandelin & Sup3s Remix) from Trap City

  1. Mr. Carmack – ugh
  2. 8Er$ – Black Roses
  3. Stu – Diamond
  4. L O U D – You Can’t Stop Me
  5. Diskord – Give U More
  6. Hilton – WBU
  7. JiKay ft 4th Pyramid – Like It When
  8. Keys N Krates – U Already Know
  9. Woolymammoth – Tricks
  10. Bite Me – Lunar

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