Here are the top 10 videos on Demagaga for October 19:

1. Japanese Man Burns House Down During Minecraft YouTube Livestream
2. Top 10 Bank Heists: Crazy, Conspiracy-Theory Laden Tales of Bank Robberies
3. South Park and the Yelpers Song: You’ll Never Review a Restaurant on Yelp Again
4. French Hikers in New Zealand Video Cable Bridge Collapse
5. Drunk U Conn Kid from Long Island Threatens Cafeteria Staff on this Viral Video
6. The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Asks: Are Cops Racist?
7. Funny as Hell: Bill Maher’s New Rules of 2013
8. Best Viral Videos of 2014
9. Guys versus Girls: Dealing with Rejection
10. UK Road Rage Video: Car Driver Yells at Biker, Identifies Himself Multiple Times