Nintendo NES Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan) – Longplay Video

Released in the US as “Super Mario Bros. The Lost Worlds” with the SNES remake of the NES classics, this Japan-only game ratcheted up the difficulty of the original Super Mario Bros. exponentially

NES Longplay [070] Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan)

A classic? Or a disaster avoided? There’s little doubt of the impact the original Super Mario Bros. had on the video game scene and how much it did to make Nintendo a household name. Its followup in Japan, a considerably harder iteration on the concepts introduced in the first game, never made it to the United States and, after a quick watch of the longplay playthrough video from World of Longplays above, it becomes apparent why this was a wise business decision for Nintendo. Difficult doesn’t describe the game so much as maddeningly unfair and frustrating which leads to increased difficulty in the game. I wouldn’t avoid it if you are a platforming game fan, though, because it’s pretty solid otherwise. It’s a Nintendo product after all. Just don’t expect a walk in the park. Enjoy the longplay walkthrough above if, like me, you’re too lazy to try it yourself. 🙂

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