Ed Milliband, Nigel Farage, Nick Clegg – All Resign Following Massive Conservative Party Victory

Election Result: My Reaction – Russell Brand The Trews (E316)

Labour’s Ed Milliband, UKIP’s Nigel Farage, and the Lib Dems’ Nick Clegg all resign following electoral defeat – Nigel Farage Loses MP seat in South Thanet

Following the massive, and unexpected, Conservative Party electoral victory in the 2015 House of Commons election, British politics may never be the same again. The blood is running high in the streets today as the leaders of all the major opposition parties resigned, as is customary when faced with such disappointing results. In the video above you can here Russel Brand, UK comedian and sometime-political commentator, discuss the soul-searching much of the left in the United Kingdom is having to do today.

Constitutional crisis averted, a majority Tory government led by David Cameron could be one of the most consequential parliaments in a generation

Indeed, though unexpected in magnitude, a Tory victory in this election was no unanticipated. Indeed, many interesting constitutional questions were being raised in the days leading up to the vote and many analysts predicted a complicated hung parliament situation with the Conservatives attempting to govern in the minority. Instead, the Tories can form a majority government alone and will proceed to do so within the coming days. Also of note in this election is the emergence of the Scottish National Party as a serious political force, capturing nearly every open seat in Scotland. Grating figure Nigel Farage lost his seat in South Thanet and resigned as leader of the ultra-right, xenophobic United Kingdom Independence Party.

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