Cheating Man Calls Radio Show to Brag, Gets Caught by Wife’s Friend

Michael gets caught bragging about being a cheating husband by none other than one of his wife’s friends

Michael’s not only a cheater, he’s also stupid – listen to this dude admitting to banging other women while married, some of which include his wife’s “friends,”only to get called out by the hosts and ultimately caught by one of his wife’s friends (one that he didn’t have sex with thankfully). It’s not only a study in stupid, it’s also a study in how bold some liars are. “There are many guys named Michael,” yeah but I think this one is in for a really long night.

Don’t call radio stations to brag about cheating on your wife. Seriously. Also, don’t get married if you need to cheat that often. tl;dr

[UniLad: Dude Calls Radio Show to Laugh About Cheating, Gets Unexpected Response]