Disco Ruido ft. León Larregui – Pulso Animal

Mexican electronic artists Disco Ruido and León Larregui’s “Pulso Animal,” a trippy track with elements of 1980s American melancholic pop throughout

Disco Ruido and León Larregui’s collaboration on “Pulso Animal” blends synth pop, techno, and new wave with lead singer León Larregui, lead singer of Mexican band Zoé, sings about realizing a sexual fantasy, depicted in the video above. With elements of 1980s pop most prevalent in the track in my opinion, at times it can have the nostalgic, dream-like quality of pop music like that you see from Crystal Castles – a melange of sound and word into a vocal whole, distinct yet melodic.

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Debajo de la mesa y con impulso animal
deslizo mano y dedo, entre tus muslos nadar

Tu padre toma vino y habla de Wall Street
Tu voz quebrándose con mi huella digital

Es el pulso animal, de tu fragilidad