Couple Gets 15 YEARS In Prison For Having Sex On Florida Beach from the Young Turks

Sex on the beach saga climaxes after 15 minute deliberation, resulting in a 15-year prison sentence for Brandenton Beach, Florida couple

Jose Caballero and Elissa Alvarez face a 15 year prison sentence for “lewd” conduct on the beach that prompted bystanders to call the police and one person to film it. Their attorney said the couple was devastated by the jury’s decision, reached after 15 minutes, which will also require the two to register as sex offenders though Alvarez will face a lighter sentence of 60 days due to her lack of a prior record. Jose Caballero, less than three years off of a drug conviction, will likely serve the full sentence. In total, 7 witnesses filed complaints against the couple, including a woman from West Virginia who testified her daughter had asked the brazen pair to stop but there was just too much romance in the air. No drug was mentioned in the Washington Post report.

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