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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: USC student allegedly spitting, spraying Windex on roommates’ food from wistv.com

University of South Carolina student Hayley King, 22, attempts to poison roommates with Windex – faces up to 20 years in prison

We all have a few nightmare stories dealing with crazy roommates – if you don’t, consider yourself among the few and the lucky. But not many of us have had attempted poisoning via Windex, like two women attending University of South Carolina in Columbia with former roommate and would-be poisoner Hayley King. In the video above, recorded by the roommates who had fought with Hayley for weeks to get her to move out of the contentious house situatoin, you can clearly see the girl spraying window cleaner on the food and spitting on the food. Pretty crazy stuff, eh?

So, if you have a good roommate, give him or her a hug. After all, you could have someone incompetently attempting to kill you with Windex and vicious spittle while you toil your hours away at work or school. Here’s to hoping Hayley King enjoys her new roommates because, according to this report from WISTV, she confessed to the police at the station so I guess you could say that the case is closed.