Mad Men star John Slattery was interviewed by the New York Times Laura M. Holson to discuss his post-Roger Sterling existence

A few choice quotes from the interview follow below:

“By the time I shot this thing,” Mr. Slattery said, “I couldn’t even see him, because he was so far away. And I go pumph!” He pantomimed shooting the gun. “And I hear: ‘Ow!’ I go, ‘No way.’ I run down there and I could see him. He was holding his hand, and the BB went halfway up his thumbnail.”

He pointed at his thumb, still dumbfounded. “What are the odds?”

Another time, Mr. Slattery found himself involved in a mud fight with a group of boys. He grabbed a handful of mud and slung it. It landed on the same friend’s face.

“He is laughing, but he is pointing at his mouth,” he said. “And in his mouth is — I don’t know why I am telling you this, it’s stupid — but in his mouth is a dead baby bird. God! It was the freakiest thing. He’s probably in an institution now. That poor kid. I shot him and I stuffed a dead bird in his mouth. Accidentally, on both counts, I might add.”

Basically, we can surmise from these few lines that John Slattery and Roger Sterling are more similar than they are dissimilar. Perhaps that’s why he’s one of the best characters on the show – his authenticity.

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