Watch This Japanese YouTube Superstar Feast on Salamanders and Hot Peppers from Vice

Watch Japanese YouTube star MEGWIN eat salamanders, fermented herring, and a pile of chili peppers

If you’ve followed this blog, you know we love Vice. You also know we love Japan and all its craziness. Online superstar MEGWIN is BIG in Japan – literally. Vice provided MEGWIN with plenty of delicacies upon which to feast, and test, his abilities. Some of it is just foul – fermented herring coming most immediately to mind. Then again, Japanese people love natto, and if you’ve ever experienced natto then you already know that there are some things that wouldn’t even phase a Japanese person devoted to eating anything and everything. From my personal experience, natto tasted like cream cheese, marinated in a sweaty gym sock, and moistened with Satan’s ball sweat. I hated it and I’ve never met anything in life quite like it. Should probably do a YouTube video attempting to eat it again.