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  1. Scientists Turning Salt Water Into Potable Water Using Solar Power
  2. Kurds Recruiting US Veterans to Fight ISIS
  3. City of Kathmandu Shifted by 10 Feet After Earthquake
  4. Thai Customs Officials Seize Large Quantity of Ivory
  5. F-35 Engines Called Unreliable in Set Back for Program
  6. Iranian General Predicts House of Saud’s Fall
  7. Salman Rushdie Speaks Out Against Protests of Charlie Hebdo
  8. Massive Reforestation Effort in China to Curb Desertification
  9. South Korea’s Living Standard to Surpass France by 2020
  10. President Nazarbayez Nursultan Wins Re-Election with 98% of Vote, Decries “Super Democratic” Countries