Snatcher for Virtual Boy?!

Indie developer makes the impossible happen – Konami classic, and Hideo Kojima masterpiece, Snatcher for Nintendo‘s failed system, the Virtual Boy

Relive the greatest moments in Snatcher in red and black with 3d effects of some kind that either impress or induce headaches. The Virtual Boy wasn’t a bad system – strange, yes, but not a bad system per se. I remember having a few hours of enjoyment after receiving it and I loaded up on a few games for it. In fact, I think it’s still around somewhere. The problem with it was that it was kind of like a fancy Game Boy, except for entirely in jarring red and black with a headpiece constantly affixed to your face. So…yeah, like a fancy Game Boy if the Game Boy were an awful torture device that caused headaches and neck pain within little to no time. While the Game Boy was a knock out of the park for Nintendo, the Virtual Boy lives on in infamy. I don’t even think Snatcher could save it but, like Resident Evil for the aforementioned Game Boy, some things just have to be done because they can be. For that, Demagaga applauds this project. Long live the golden age of indie video games…and such.