Massive earthquake strikes Nepal, hundreds feared dead

  1. Vancouver, Canada Has 80 Marijuana Dispensaries in Sign of Changing Times
  2. Protesters Gather in Istanbul to Protest Turkey’s Non-recognition of Armenian Genocide
  3. Pakistani Female Rights Worker Sabeen Mahmud Assassinated
  4. Russia Unveils Armata Battle Tank
  5. German Spy Chief Gerhard Schindler Revealed As Collaborator with USA’s National Security Administration, Faces Calls to Resign
  6. Archaeologists in Mexico Discover Mercury at End of Pyramid Tunnel, Likely Royal Tomb
  7. Actress Angelina Jolie Decries United Nations Lack of Action with Regard to Syrian Refugees
  8. One of Greece’s Largest Banks Launches a Debt Forgiveness Program
  9. HSBC May Move Headquarters Out of London
  10. Indonesia to Execute 8 Accused of Selling Drugs