Crystal Castles – KEROSENE (Valy Mo ††‡† rmx)

Hot remix of Crystal Castle’s “Kerosene” from Valy Mo

Excuse us if we can’t get enough of Crystal Castles today – with a new track from Ethan Kath and “Edith” as well as the drama between Ethan and Alice Glass, it’s almost too much to not turn a Crystal Castles track or five on to forget it all. Here is Valy Mo’s remix of the track “Kerosene,” a dark and broody track that is some of the best of Crystal Castles eclectic, indie music/pop music style. Future pop? Or just schizo-pop? Either way, it’s beautiful sound infused with emotion. Can’t get enough of it, honestly.

Click here to listen to the new Crystal Castles’ track with vocalist Edith, “Frail.”

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