Crystal Castles – Crimewave LIVE

Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles addresses controversy with former vocalist Alice Glass, discusses “Edith” on new track “Frail”

Long-time followers of this blog know that we’re big fans of Crystal Castles’ trippy, psychedelic, stereophonic indie pop music masterpieces and we were really bummed when vocalist Alice Glass and producer/lyricist Ethan Kath parted ways last year amid the typical accusations/controversies that surround any artistic endeavor gone awry. This week, we were treated to a new track from Crystal Castles with a mystery vocalist known only as “Edith,” who, thankfully, sounds eerily reminiscent of Alice Glass. Normally this would be a time for celebration and moving on but, of course, the drama llama reared its braying head with Kath’s comments accompanying the new track interpreted as derogatory and diminishing Alice Glass’ contribution to Crystal Castles’ unique sound, and with responses from Alice Glass defending her decision to leave the band as well as her part in Crystal Castles. You can read Pitchfork’s full interview with Ethan Kath about the new track here.

Also, you can listen to the new track from Crystal Castles by clicking here.