Turkish Prime Minister: Recep Tayyip Erdogan Denying the Armenian Genocide on CNN 13-04-2010

Headline News for April 23, 2015 – German President Recognizes Armenian Genocide, Swedish Personal Debt Burden Grows Despite Reforms, Saudi Arabia Beheads Maid

  1. Pro-Russian Rebels Open Fire on Ukrainian Military in Mariupol According to the BBC
  2. NASA to Build World’s Largest Telescope by 2018
  3. European Union Leaders to Declare Common Stance on Migrants Issue
  4. Bees Addicted to Neonicotinoids, a Common Pesticide Ingredient, Study Finds
  5. Saudi Arabia Beheads Indonesian Maid Despite Indonesia’s Protests
  6. Ireland Considers Decriminalizing Marijuana
  7. Study Shows Sugar and Carbohydrates in Excess Contributes More to Obesity than Lack of Physical Activity
  8. Deutsche Bank to Pay $2.5 Billion Fine in Rate-Rigging Case
  9. German President Calls Ottoman Slaughter of Armenians “Genocide”
  10. Swedish Financial Reforms Have Done Little to Alleviate Crushing Personal Debt Burden