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EDM DJ Diplo discusses Vegas, music, and his future as a musician

After having quite a career as an electronic dance music dj, with gigs on BBC Radio 1 and club hosting in Las Vegas, EDM DJ Diplo recently sat down with Interview Magazine to discuss his career, his plans to evolve as an artist, and his retiring the “Diplo” era of material.

Here are a few quotes YourEDM has focused on in their piece on the interview:

Retiring Diplo material…
“Well, I’m trying to actually retire Diplo material at this point. Diplo has a ceiling in Vegas, and I’m doing great there, but I’m so proud of Major Lazer—the way it sounds, the way it’s mixed. I feel like if I devote my time to that, it could grow.”

Evolving as an artist
“And I think even today that’s how I’m able to work and move between so many different genres—I want to be part of what’s happening, I want to make new things. I think back in those days, lots of kids got tied down. It’s amazing that, like, a black kid or a Mexican kid in L.A. or whatever, they’re into dance music, goth … When I was in high school, you had to pick if you’re into this or that. Now kids will be listening to emo on their way to a rave, and then they’ll leave and listen to Drake.”

On Vegas:
“I took a Monday night at one of the big nightclubs because I had built a little name there. And Monday was the weird night. I was playing hip-hop when everybody else was playing the giant rave music. But my night was so fun that it became one of their most popular parties, and now I’ve become probably one of the top four DJs in Vegas for residencies.

If you didn’t catch the news yet, we discussed Diplo’s plans on collaborating with hip hop artist Gucci Mane in the near future. That’s definitely a project we’re looking forward to hearing.