1. People’s Republic of China (PRC) Scientists Modify the Genes of Human Embryos
  2. Russia Announces Plan to Close 40% of Universities by 2016
  3. Russian Federation Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: Islamic State Russia’s Greatest Enemy, Not US
  4. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Reportedly Replaces Wounded Caliph with Physics Teacher
  5. South Korea to Spend $1.6 Trillion to Build Clean Energy Industry Sector
  6. Iranian Militia Vows to Destroy the Islamic State (ISIS)
  7. European Union (EU) Leaders Agree Most Migrants Crossing the Meditteranean to Be Sent Back
  8. Saudi Arabia Drops Bombs in Yemen After Campaigns Declared End
  9. Russia Boosts Military Presence Along Ukrainian Border
  10. Saudi Prince Promises Bentleys to Yemen Bombers