1. ISIS and the Taliban Declare Jihad on Each Other
  2. Germany Plans to Recognize Armenian Genocide, Turkey Offers Protest
  3. People’s Republic of China Engaged in Massive Solar Power Program
  4. France’s National Assembly Debates Legalizing Edward Snowden-Style Whistleblowing
  5. Astronomers Discover Largest Known Object in the Universe
  6. Israeli Prime Minister Refuses to Meet Former US President Jimmy Carter Due to Perceived Anti-Israel Stance 
  7. Russian Trade Posts Steep Decline Months After Sanctions
  8. North Korean Defector Discusses “The Interview”
  9. Accounts of the War in Yemen from the New York Times
  10. 2015 Pulitzer Prize Winners

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is rapidly expanding its solar output while ISIS and the Taliban declare mutual jihad. The 2015 Pulitzer Prize winners are announced. Germany to recognize the Armenian genocide. North Korea defector talks about the movie “The Interview.”