Wall Street Journal: Will Apple Watch Eclipse the Classic Swiss Watch?

Will the Apple Watch Edition hurt traditional Swiss timepiece watch manufacturers like Rolex?

Unlikely, according to industry experts, and, in fact, the Apple Watch line could even help the luxury timepiece market by re-establishing demand for luxury wrist and moving certain functions taken over by smartphones back to the wrist. Additionally, the contrast between a piece of electronic equipment and an artisan-crafted timepiece cannot be understated and the real divide will occur here between purists who prefer mechanical timepieces for style and artistic appreciation and those people who need a watch to sync with the Apple iPhone, etc.

Personally, I love watches and I find the Apple Watch Edition to be a pretty vulgar offering that neither presents a value proposition worth considering nor does it really even conform with what I perceive Apple products to be. I would rather have a cheap Apple Watch, a brand new iPhone, a Mac Pro, and a couple of new MacBook Pro laptops to boot for the price of one Apple Watch Edition. Secondly, I think the design doesn’t scream premium product but rather looks functional and mildly interesting. I’m sure I’ll get one – but it won’t be an Apple Watch Edition.