Battle for Kobane Continues, Beijing Runners Finish Marathon in Gas Masks, Spanish Nurse Now Free of Ebola

Kobane War: Kurds vs İslamic State (ISIS) real battle in Kobane (YPG – IŞİD Çatışması)
01. Worlds News: Beijing Marathon Runners finish Race in Gas Masks
02. World News:Der Spiegel – German Intelligence Claims Pro-Russian Group Shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight
03. Health: Spanish Nurse Once Thought to be Ebola Victim Now Clear of Ebola
04. World Economy:People’s Republic of China (PRC) Threatens to Curb Vehicle Production If Automakers Fail to Meet 2015 Fuel and Safety Standards
05. World News:Hamas Claims to Be Building New Infiltration Tunnels Into Israel

Hamas Claims New Tunnel Constructed Into Israel, China Threatens to Shame Automakers Who Fail to Meet Environment Goals

06. Health: Fidel Castro Offers US Assistance in Combating Ebola
07. World News:Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – Huge Number of Casualties in Battle for Kobane
08. World News:Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) Release Social Media Guidelines for Jihadis
09. World News:21-Year Old Woman’s Perspective of the North Korean (DPRK) Regime: Mother Executed for Watching Western Films
10. Global Economy:Russian Banks Face Pressures from Contracting Economy – Ruble Continues to Fall

Russian Economy Continues Decline As Sanctions Take Toll, Brutality of Life in the DPRK, ISIS Issues Social Media Handbook for Jihadis