The Elite Martial Arts Division of the DPRK’s Korean People’s Army (KPA)

Nothing like smashing some bricks with your face to show the world you mean business when it comes to threatening East Asia with nuclear armageddon. Of course, Kim Jong un’s leadership and genius has inspired these  feats of martial madness and the announcer’s always and forever excited voice can’t help but imbue it all with an ironically, maddeningly and even confusingly, happy vibe. Turn down for what?

As VICE interestingly points out, these demonstrations are also common among the People’s Liberation Army in the People’s Republic of China and have their origins in village-level wushu performances which are “usually accompanied by a short operetta, some stand-up comedy, a speech or three from government officials, a shameless plug for all of the sponsors, and a nod to the new generation via heavily made up girls in leotards bouncing to bad techno.” 

As with all North Korean military propaganda the message is clear: We’re tough and ready to take on whoever wants to stop us from developing weapons of mass destruction and chaos, and that is only funny insofar as you think Pyongyang’s posturing is for internal or external consumption.