Young Scooter Ft Future, Juicy J & Young Thug – Disfunction

[Hook: Future x2]
I be on all of that fuck shit
I be on all of that fuck shit
All of my niggas dysfunction
All of my niggas dysfunction
We so in love with this money man
We so in love with this money
We just be blowin’ on chronic
We drinkin’ on lean and on molly

[Verse 1: Young Scooter]
We turnt up in the club, gas, lean, and molly
Middle fingers up fuck a hater watching
All of my niggas disfunction, they’ll catch a body
Can’t get no money with you then fuck it, stay the hell from ’round me
Just copped the ‘rari and a 100 bricks from my partner
Young Scooter really be jugging paper chasing dollars
I be on all that juug shit, I be on all that hood shit
I make count music Ion’ rap no bullshit
Drug talk you don’t understand
I know Chinese, Jamaicans and Mexicans
Finesse for them free bands
Off white I got white and tan
All black on black ‘lands
Each pocket got 50 bands
In the neighborhood I’m the dope man
Have couple mill’ from Rich Gang

[Hook: Future x2]

[Verse 2: Young Thug]
All of my weed look like fungus
All of my weed smell like fungus
Take a look checking and run it
Straight to the house in [?]
Jumping into the booth full of money
Bitch hit you cause I love complice
Follow my goals and I promised
I need a bitch for right now but I need a million forever
Bank account looking like treasure
Stuffing this Rollie with bezels
I got bitches like Hugh Hefner
Stuffing her bank account with all the extras
Please do not threaten me
She got that bitch on her like she a lesbian

[Hook: Future x2]

[Verse 3 : Juicy J]
All black Murci-elago sitting on Forgi-ato
Pull up to the club 30 deep
Turn the parking lot into a car show
Swimming in all this paper
Bring a 100 bottles to my table
We eating over here but my cheese ain’t swiss
And my sizzurp ain’t maple
I ball, it’s a blowout bitch
Hey Motherfucker get off my dick
Leave some room for your woman
She needs that pipe, and I’m plumbin that bitch
Juicy J all for the money
Lit like an oil lamp, stay higher than a comet
I don’t care for the price bought if I wanted
Fly [?] with no loving
Niggas doing all that talking
Hole in his head let him sleep with the dolphins
All my niggas been bosses
Touch more paper than a motherfucker sitting in a office
Throw some money at her, bet she twerking for me
30 bands now lil mama working for me
I got a car so fast than don’t come with a key
And my weed is so loud it’s Disturbing the Peace

[Hook: Future x2]

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