Hip Hop Music Video: Gucci Mane – Everybody Looking with Lyrics

Errybody lookin
Lambo’s get the bitches
Stove make the cookies
Hurtin these suckas feelings

[Verse 1]
Yo yo yo come check this crazy flow
I gotta go and do this show
Just where is Tokyo?
Yo yo damn bricksquad be burnin dro
Drink bur man and white folk wit me I got cash to blow
Yo yo your nose gon grow Just like Pinocchio
Your lying that you’re hot as me, but that is not the truth
Oh no my left right wrist is truly extra cold. my flow sick need them extra o’s, I need an extra stove, so so I’m so icy my squad run in snow. You know it and you knew before so much dough I shut down the store, hoes hoes I birdfeed these bitches like they like were crows, I pull the totem pole out and leave them pussy swole


[Verse 2]
Say, say, what you thought? what you think I say?
I make money different ways get bags off through the day
Hey hey damn I paved my way I paved my way
I used to sell a lot of yay I moved a key a day
Wait wait way way way way back in the day
I ran the A me an my wolves, 2 shotguns and A-K
Now I’m gettin’ that stupid cake
I’ll put you to sleep like Jake the Snake
That dope bag sits right in your face, right in front the place
One day you might get some money maybe 12 bars if you pay me
Scuse me girl you want some babies? Gucci you can’t have my babies
Monday, I’ma go to Magic City see some ass n’ titties
Hit some skrippas, sip some liquor all these bitches fucking with me


[Verse 3]
God damn Gucci Mane just bought another lamb!
Chevy with the crazy cam I pull over with that stupid slam.
Yeah, plus I got all this jewelry on
Flexin’ like im serious jones
Bubba kush still my cologne
Word up? Bricksquad put your birds up
You ain’t never heard nothing if you never heard of us
Blood cause run to you, you can’t rep no mo
Matter you can’t breath no more
Blow so hard that there is nothing left for sure
What? I’m royalty like King Tut
Got someone to introduce you to baby dats deez nutz
Plus I wouldn’t give a flying fuck
’bout none of that shit you fuss about
I fly them in them bus em out
There’s nothing left to talk about


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