HBO Interviews Pedro Pascal, Game of Throne’s Prince of Dorne – Oberyn Martell

If you haven’t watched “The Mountain and the Viper” yet or you are unfamiliar with the A Song of Ice and Fire books, you may want to skip this article. Potential spoilers ahead. After last week’s epic match between the Mountain and the Viper, viewers can’t help but want more of the Prince of Dorne Oberyn Martell. Sadly, there is little question about his future on the show.

Pedro Pascal’s portrayal of the Prince of Dorne, Oberyn Martell, has made him a fan-favorite among the current Game of Thrones cast, and for good reason. Possessing an inestimable amount of swagger and charm, Prince Oberyn is the kind of gray area character that many fans can relate to as he is neither wholly pure nor wholly vile as many of the characters in George RR Martin’s HBO adaptation of the ASoIAF books but rather he occupies this space that allows him to do and saw what the audience wants to do and say while still maintaining the drama and tension necessary to propel the show forward.

Be sure to read Pedro’s thoughts on Oberyn’s fate and the amazing skill it took to master the combat sequences in “The Mountain and the Viper.” As always, join us on Demagaga for this week’s recap of “The Watcher’s on the Wall.” Click below to read more Game of Throne’s reviews, interviews, lore, music, and more.

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