E3 2014 News: The Last Guardian Isn’t Cancelled! Yeah!

Fans of Sony’s The Last Guardian, patient and long-suffering though they are, were dealt another blow this weekend at E3 2014 when the Japanese video games giant announced the cancellation of the much-anticipated, formerly Playstation 3, title that was to continue the classic gameplay established in Sony’s Shadow of the Colossus. News of the title’s cancellation comes after Sony teased its progress and even hinted that the title was a future release. Sadly, that’s not the case. The Last Guardian joins leagues of other games that showed tons of potential but, ultimately, never saw the light of day or were released many years after the relevancy of the system for which it was developed (I’m looking at you Sonic Xtreme and Star Fox 2).

Update: IGN retracted its original article about the cancellation of ‘The Last Guardian’ so Demagaga will issue its first-ever retraction as well. Party’s still on!

The retraction: [IGN]

The original article: [IGN]