RiFF RaFF – AiR CANADA Music Video

Yeah. Yeah-hea

I really hate to ball on ya’ll
(What’s up Canada?)
I really hate to ball on ya’ll

But my minds still focused
And my words still quoted
I really hate to ball on ya’ll
I really hate to ball on ya’ll

Words still quoted
Syrup in my Soda
Ballin’ so hard they figured I play for “Nava” Scotia
Ice on my chain figured I was from Ottowa
Playing so hard they figured I ball for Montreal

[Verse 1] – Riff Raff
They use to hate me wildin’
But look who’s laughing now
Run up on my camp get drop like Manny Pacquiao
Cooler than they weather
Versace berry sweater
Or is it cause I talk more shit than Judge Judy and Floyd Mayweather

Watch me now
Run off in the wind
Now I’m Toronto in the Tropicana benz
Winnipeg again
Got more ice than Edmonton
Now I’m in Vancouver on some Grizzly Adam rims

Now I’m all the way in South America
In the Panda Express. Porche Panamera
I done blazed a few trails in Portland, Oregon
Now I’m in Canada more than Tim Horton
Talkin’ Jody Highroller
Syrup in my soda


[Verse 2] – DollaBillGates
I got bitches in Toronto that fucked Drizzy Drake
I got a flight out in the mornin’ I hope I ain’t late
I hope I make it past customs. Shit my whip is custom
Don’t eat no putang in my coupe. My interior mustard
Now ketchup to that
Got a bad bitch that live in Quebec
No roaming charges so she hit me with text
She super snobby. Man she fly private jets
Hit Montreal vintage frames on the specs

Man I didn’t even mean to ball like this
I said it’s cold. Saskatoon on my wrist
I got a bitch in Winnipeg I only fuck on Wednesday
Fly her out to California
Never seen a Bentley
And her name is Whitney
She always miss me
Wake up in the morning eat breakfast at Tiffany’s


[Verse 3] – Riff Raff
You talking about Jody. You talkin’ Jody Highroller
Player all the time
And you know I’m on my. Grind
And your boy’s still flossy
Rollin’ out in Boston
And I’m whippin wood wind
Figured I was making judgments

Jody. Talkin’ Jody Highroller
And I keep a high spending
And your life is a gamble

And we talking about Jody. We talkin’ Jody Highroller
Too much syrup in my soda
I got so much ice on my hand figure I was born in “Nava” Scotia
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